Here at Native, we believe in snacks with substance. Yes, substance in that post snack satisfaction kind of way, but also substance behind the snack.

We believe it’s important to know the people behind every process, and to support them too. A lot of hard work goes into creating every popped lotus seed, and we believe in making sure we give back everywhere we can.

Here’s how ↓


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We work with farmers in Bihar to ensure they make the most of their fields and wetlands. With a mostly agricultural economy, farming is one of the main incomes for Bihar - one of the poorest areas of India. Our support helps to create jobs, increasing output, providing a reliable income and boosting the local economy. 


Local farmers with smallholdings lack links to local markets, let alone international buyers. Native and our partners help to connect farmers, giving them the opportunity for increased sales from pond to supermarket. We ensure our supply chain is ethical and fair and are working towards a Fair Trade standard in the near future. 


We promote the sustainable management of fields in wetlands, where our crops are grown and encourage the use of poly-culture crops to increase biodiversity in the ponds, helping to sustain a natural ecosystem. Good for the ponds, but also good the farmers, allowing them the opportunity to profit from other crops and fish.


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The world loves to snack, a lot. Yet not a lot goes back to those putting in the hard work, growing the crops that start it all. Our lotus seeds are hand picked and harvested in the state of Bihar, one of the poorest regions of India. Through our many visits, we’ve carved relationships with the locals, and with the farmers out in the fields. So we decided to do things our own way, and make sure we’re giving back to the beginning.

We donate 1p for every bag sold of our
Native Popped Lotus Seeds.

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We have partnered with the Bihar Development Foundation U.K. to make sure the people who grow and harvest our Popped Lotus Seeds get something back from each pack.

The Bihar Development Foundation supports individual projects and causes for educational, social and medical development in Bihar. It works alongside local NGO’s and the Indian Government to support projects, with significant focus on improving healthcare in rural areas such as Bihar.

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Through our partnership, The Bihar Development Foundation is able to run health camps for the farmers who grow our Lotus Seeds in Bihar. With a focus on detection of risk factors for heart disease and stroke, as well as creating awareness about infections, it provides an invaluable service.