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When it comes to ingredients, we believe in keeping things simple. Bold flavour doesn’t need to come from a factory
- Mother Nature's created enough delicious ingredients already.

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Our planet is pretty important to us, so the choice to be plant-based was an easy one to make. You won’t find any meat or dairy products  in our snacks - not now, not ever. We're not called The Plant-Based Pioneers for no reason! 

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Put simply, we don’t use anything you wouldn’t find in your kitchen at home - we simply add herbs and spices no different to those in your spice rack!

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Lotus seeds are naturally gluten free; in fact they’re classified as a fruit, so not a grain at all! We’re also wheat free, dairy free, soy free and GMO free (but now we’re just showing off).

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Acidity Regulators? No thanks. Our snacks don’t need them and your body doesn’t either. We like our ingredients lists short and sweet.

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The snack market is one of the biggest users of palm oil in the UK, and we don’t want to be a part of that. Our love for planet earth and it’s people runs deep, so the choice to keep our snacks palm oil free was a no brainer.

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We’re proud to finish the journey of our snacks in the UK, working with one of the UK's leading snack manufacturers to roast, flavour and package our popped lotus seeds.

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Lotus seeds have been hailed for their health benefits for centuries in India, and are recognised as a key ingredient in Ayurveda (the world’s oldest holistic medicine practice). And whilst we won’t go all ‘superfood’ on you, they are a bit of a powerhouse…

Less Than 99kcal Per Pack
and Low GI which means they metabolise slowly, keep you full for longer and are diabetic friendly. Now what were we saying about being better than popcorn…?

A Good Source of Protein
…just in case anyone is still questioning where vegans get their protein intake, send them a bag of our lotus seeds!

A Good Source of Fibre
Apparently 90% of the UK doesn’t eat enough fibre. Apparently popped lotus seeds are the most delicious way to change this.

An Aphrodisiac
As far as ancient legends go, our jalepeno and lime flavour isn’t the only thing getting hot and fiery…