Our Mission

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We're Darcy and Charlie, old school friends.  In 2017, we decided that our jobs just didn't cut it. Bored and unhappy, we both agreed this can't be the way forward. With a shared love for food (most importantly snacking!) and travelling, we started to think there must be some more interesting snacks around the world, than what is currently available on the market.  

Popped What and Why?

Tipped off by an ex-girlfriend about some delicious, and interesting, plant-based snacks in India, we decided to book plane tickets to India, a country that friends and family had told us we must visit, especially for the food! Arriving in New Delhi was quite an experience. Hot and dry, bustling with noises and people, chaotic, yet somehow functional. Delhi's onion-layered history mirrors in its diverse and dynamic cuisine. At every corner, we found a different on-the-go snack. From a tiny hole-in-the-wall or back alley restaurant or cafe to fine dining.

Having explored and feasted on all the delights New Delhi could offer, we decided to look further afield and head to the farmlands of Bihar, an area in the north of India, and home to Popped Lotus Seeds, which we had heard a lot about during our time in Delhi.


Bihar was like nothing we’d ever experienced before. Due to the fact of the lack of westerners that had been to Bihar, we really were treated like celebrities – in a truly welcoming way. We felt like we were experiencing the true India, rarely experience by tourists – untouched farmland, tours by locals and local cuisine. It is also one of the poorest states in India. That's why, for every pack sold, we donate to charity, in order to support the farmers producing our snacks. Find out more about our Food for Good mission here

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We were lucky enough to be staying with a local family from Bihar, of which the son had great knowledge and contacts in Lotus Seed farming and production. He took us to look at the farms, we met the farmers and tried the snacks. From that point on, we couldn’t stop thinking about them. We immediately went back to our Bihari family, at which point we started experimenting flavours with the mother. The experimenting never stopped and Native was born, with a range of savoury Popped Lotus Seeds, with flavours that pack a punch.

We’re going against the grain

Frustrated by the lack of choice and excitement in snacking, our mission is simple: To travel the world discovering and introducing new and exiting minimally processed plant-based snacks. A little bit like a snack passport if you like.

Join us on our journey around the world to change snacking with a pop!

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