We believe that what you snack on should not only taste good, but should also be good for the planet, people and place that our snacks come from. 

The world loves to snack, a lot. Yet not a lot goes back to those putting in the hard work, growing the crops to create delicious snacks that we all love to snack on. So we decided to do things our own way, and make sure we’re giving back to where it matters. 


We set up our Snacks with Soul initiative to make sure the people who grow our popped lotus seeds get something back from the people who snack on them. 

We have partnered with the Bihar Development Foundation U.K. and for every pack sold, we donate 1p to support our farmers and their families. The Bihar Development Foundation supports individual projects and causes for educational, social and medical development. It works alongside local NGO’s to support projects, with significant focus on improving healthcare in rural areas. We’re proud to support its focus on detection of health risks from heart disease, strokes and diabetes as well as creating awareness about infections.