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It’s the obvious place to start, but we figured we’d share a bit about Native, and why we decided to bring Popped Lotus Seeds to London.

Our story doesn’t start with a triple marathon in the desert, or a life affirming experience deep in the Bengal Jungle, but with something a little more earnest; a desire to share our discovery. Whether it’s telling someone of a great surf spot or the best pad Thai place, sharing your discoveries is part of the experience. And that’s exactly we we brought Popped Lotus Seeds to the UK.


snacks with substance

We believe that the people that make our Popped Lotus Seeds should get something back from the people that snack on them.

That’s why we have partnered with the Bihar Development Foundation U.K. and for every pack of Native Popped Lotus Seeds sold, we give 1p back to run health camps for the famers.

Feed your discovery

Why Popped Lotus Seeds?

Well it's quite a funny story actually. It involves being tipped off about them by an ex-girlfriend but that's a story for another day. Having heard about this amazing snack in India that’s been eaten for centuries, we decided that our jobs just didn't cut it. Bored and unhappy, we both agreed this can't be the way forward and headed out to India to learn more about Popped Lotus Seeds. Instantly falling in love with Popped Lotus Seeds, the place and people, once back in the UK, a lot of our memories always came back to this snack. Beginning to experiment with Popped Lotus Seeds in our kitchen in London, the experimenting never stopped and Native was born, with a range of savoury Popped Lotus Seeds, with flavours that pack a punch.


Frustrated by the lack of choice and excitement in snacking, we started to think there must be some more interesting snacks around the world, than what is currently available on the market.  Our mission is simple: to feed people’s discovery.

To experience a country, you need to experience it’s food. We unearth native snacks from across the world and bring them back for you to discover.

We take pride in our planet; we care about sustainability, support local charities and give back every step of the way.

Join us on our journey around the world as we unearth new and exciting naturally native snacks.