We like to be completely transparent and honest with our snacks. That's why we also like to give a honest advice about the countries our snacks come from. 

#1: You’ll feel like a celebrity

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.44.57.png

When we went to the Taj Mahal, we had like, 50 people staring and taking photos of us – not one of the great wonders of the world. Surreal. We still posed for photos though!

Being 6ft2 and ginger meant not only did people stare, they wanted to touch my red hair and I was even mistaken for an English cricketer (see who?), which I played along with.

#2: You’re going to get sick, accept it

The honest truth is you’re either going to vomiting or or you're going to spend a lot of time on the loo. Beware! Indian loos don't have a seat, unless they are ‘Western Style’. Remember to bring loo roll! You don't want to be caught short.

We really recommend bringing some Imodium and disinfectant gel too for prevention and coping.

#3: The trains

India is world renowned for its train system carrying 23 million passengers daily!

The Metro train for inner city travel is great. Travelling inter state, definitely book your train tickets online at least a week in advance. Travel by class 1AC or 2AC unless you want share your single seat with three others or more - book here.

The train system is also world renowned for being late.... Not just by a couple of hours but sometimes days late. But that's India. It runs at its own pace.

#4: Your going to be scammed, again accept it

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.44.50.png

All auto-rickshaw drivers are in cahoots with each other. Whatever they offer, divide it by four. Expect detours to their friends shops attempting to get you to buy overly inflated goods to earn commission.

You can avoid these by getting an India SIM card and using Google maps or car Uber or OLA.

#5: Pack smart

Travel pillow: Needed for the long trains and buses

Travel belt: Keeps passport and money safe as thefts are common

Powerbank and an international 220V adapter: For your media on long journeys

Insect repellent: Make sure it contains Deet or it wont stop you getting bitten

Backpack: Needs to be sturdy. We found 65L size was perfect

#6: The traffic is INSANE

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.44.40.png

Its total chaos: From millions of auto-rickshaws with multiple fridges on the back to cows stopping traffic in the middle of a triple lane highway or chilling in the road.

There is no rules of the road, with everyone constantly pushing and hooting horns. Make sure you film it, you will have a laugh later.

#7: Safety

Get all your vaccines like Typhoid, Dengue, Rabies etc dependent on your route. Your GP can advise you on this.

Make copies and send photos to your email of your passport and visa, incase of theft or loss. Travel insurance is a good backup.

Girls, walking around alone, especially at night, is not advised. Stay in groups.

#8: Culture

Staring: This is common from both men and women. Its feels strange and slightly unsettling at the beginning but you get used to it. No offence is meant, it's simply curiosity.

"Me first" attitude of people pushing in front by queue jumping, you must be assertive and say no. The English version of queuing patiently doesn't work here.

You need to go with the flow as everything works on 'Indian standard time', which is a way of saying they are late a lot. So be flexible with your plans as you wont arrive on time.

#9: Money matters

Get a travel card like Revolut for card payments and cash withdrawals or exchange money at the airport, banks or hotels.

Access to ATMs is quite easy in Indian cities, but less so in small towns and villages. However, cash is still king in India so always keep small amounts on you.

#10: Fab Food

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.44.19.png

Indian food is some of the most flavoursome and awesome in the world. Most is vegetarian due to religion but as there is such variety, you won’t get bored I promise!

Embrace culture and eat with your hands! This is customary and took a bit of getting used to especially with saucy dishes.

Some of my favourite dishes are Dosa, Dal Mukhana, Poori, Chaat and all the curries :)

Beware: do not eat any salad or fruit that can't be peeledThis will give you Delhi belly from the unclean water it is washed in.