Cardamom doesn’t get half as much attention as we think it deserves, and comes into its own in the Winter. Cardamom, also known as "llachi", is native to South India. It is commonly referred to as the Queen of Spices and has been traced in India for at least 1000 years. It was the British who established the cardamom plantations in India and just like we like to discover new and exciting plant-based snacks, The East India Company co-operated with the Dutch East India Company to buy enormous amounts of cardamom, pepper and cloves and bring back to Europe.

Part of the ginger family, the cardamom seed is the most common seasoning agent which is used in Indian cooking. Cardamom’s seriously intense flavour complements both sweet and savoury dishes. The seeds alone can be cracked or ground for use in cooking, or the whole pods can be thrown into a dish and removed before serving. 


Keeping things festive, we love the look of this spiced toddy to keep us warm over the Christmas period. The perfect pre-Christmas lunch boozy winter warmer. You can find the recipe here.